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IP: |  Port: 7171 |  Version: 10.00 and 11.50

Adictos-Global - Server Info - (learn to do Donate)

Welcome to Adictos-Global, we count on map most complete of all servers currently, Cooldown and reworked Spells for a more dynamic and fun PvP.
Several bugs fixed and being fixed daily. Come check out the best server of all time!
Create your account now here your fun is guaranteed!
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Most Powerfull Guilds

Feb 21 2019 -
New Changes on server coming soon

tibia its not a simple game, its a famlily

welcome to Adictos Global. We spent a lot of time looking at the server, trying to correct many errors, Working hard to achieve

our goals. your goals, remember that to grow we need your help. grabbing ideas from other servers. Obviously to improve

the gameplay and be a single server among others. The server grows thanks to you.


Do not waste time and create your account now, prepare to make friends or enemies, to create a big clan, to be the most

powerful of all, remember that Tibia is more than a game, it is a family

We hope to achieve our goals together with you.wBelow you will find many things that this server contains

we hope you like it



 Gnome Items, Falcon Items, Update 12 Items And custom items.


 custoom items



Falcon Bastion with grand master oberon custom. Reward global.

grand master oberon 



Warzone 4, 5, 6

 Warzone 4

Warzone 5

warzone 6



Secret library (Location like RL) you need library scythe. you can buy with uriel in tp on temple thais.




Other information.
  • Exp by stages
  • Protection level : 50
  • Skill Rate : 40
  • Magic Rate: 25
  • Loot rate : 3
  • Kills to red skull : 15
  • Free bless to level 100
  • Infinite items
  • Infinite runes
  • Some custom quest
  • Imbuing System 100% 
  • Prey System 100% 
  • Auto Loot 100% 
  • Items destruction
  • Custom items
  • Cassino System 100%
  • Cast System 100% 
  • War antientrossa 100% 

New Places like.

  • Deep Desert "Skeleton elite warrior and undead elite gladiator"
  • Asuras Extention "true midnight asuras etc"
  • Halls of hope with bosses
  • Feyrist
  • Kalahari city "Custom"

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